Where to buy Nembutal Test Kit online

Where to buy Nembutal Test Kit online

Nembutal Suicide Directory is the best place Where to buy Nembutal Test Kit online free of charge with your Nembutal order with secure delivery to your doorstep. Order Nembutal Test Kit online, This is a product for easy identification of Barbiturates (liquid & powder forms), by mixing the liquid with the reagent and matching the color obtained with that in the chart that comes along with the kits.

The Nembutal Test Kit is easy to use, takes just a few minutes, and will detect the presence of any Barbiturates (liquid or powder forms). It can detect small amounts of pentobarbital down to 500 mg per 1 kg of material. If a reddish brown color develops there are barbiturates present. Included in your order are full test instructions. Buy Nembutal Test Kit online now

Presence of Barbiturates

This kit is designed to detect the presence of Barbiturates(Pentobarbital Sodium or Nembutal Sodium) in liquid and powder form. Immediate results, no sending away to laboratories, simply add extract to water and observe color change with 2 min. If barbiturates are detected the solution will turn blue. Buy Nembutal Test Kit online

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The nembutal test kit is a simple

Accurate and disposable test kit for testing barbiturates in liquid or powder form. Nembutal Suicide Directory tests are quick and easy to use, most in less than 15 minutes, and all give an accurate visual indication of the presence of drugs. If the test shows positive then you can be 100% sure that your sample contains Nembutal. The Nembutal Test Kit is the ONLY test kit on the market that is able to identify a barbiturate in liquid form. It can also test samples that are a powder or in tablets.

The Test Kit enables people who have acquired liquid Nembutal to self-test the drug. Note: The ‘Exit Spot Test Kit’ only provides qualitative evidence of the presence of the drug. Quantitative testing (ie. drug concentration and strength) is not yet available as a home test.

This barbiturate test kit should include;

1 x barbiturate test kit

1 x 0.5ml syringe

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