Availability of Nembutal Pentobarbital

Availability of Nembutal (Pentobarbital)

The Availability of Nembutal (Pentobarbital) is explained by the Nembutal Suicide Directory. In this paragraph, we have given exclusive highlights on where and how to acquire Nembutal (Pentobarbital) online.

You should know Nembutal has been available in a small number of places for many years now. In most Western countries, however, the drug remains heavily restricted with anyone importing or even possessing the drug almost certainly without breaking the law.

Where and how one can obtain Nembutal is a moveable feast. In recent years, solid sources of supply have emerged in countries as diverse as Peru and China. This information continues to change constantly.

Since 2006, we have reported feedback from readers around the world who have purchased Nembutal. This reader feedback continues to be collated and published. This forms a type of ‘Neighborhood WATCH’.
The availability of Nembutal can and does change without warning. Old stores close and new stores open. Websites appear and disappear, seemingly overnight. Scammers operate in a relentless manner.

Types of Nembutal

How to buy Nembutal (Pentobarbital Sodium) can be purchased over-the-counter and online as a liquid solution and sometimes as a powder. The powder is a white crystalline salt. Only rarely is the drug available as tablets or capsules for human use as a sleeping agent.

Liquid Nembutal is a veterinary product that is used for animal anesthesia or euthanasia. The anesthetic form comes packaged as a sterile clear liquid in either 50mL OR 100mL bottles and has a concentration of 65mg/mL(ie 50ml/100ml bottles contain 3.25gm/6.5bm of Nembutal).

A second(euthanasia) form of liquid is also available. At 200mg/ml, a standard 100ml bottle contains 20gm of the drug. A single 100ml bottle of ‘Dolethal’ would contain enough Nembutal to reliably end the lives of two people. This form of the liquid Nembutal is dyed pink for safety.

Human use of Nembutal

The drug Nembutal has been for a while and was extensively marketed as sleeping tablets or capsules in the 1950s & 1960s. Even though Nembutal disappeared from the market over a decade ago, many people have old stocks which are still potent. One hundred of these capsules (100 x 100mg = 10gm of barbiturate) is a lethal dose.

Availability of Nembutal (Pentobarbital) & Drug Labeling

Purchase of the anesthetic veterinary form of the drug, over-the-counter, has long been possible in Mexico and a number of South American countries. Details will be provided later in the post. Not, however, that if you are planning a trip to make such a purchase it may be wise to acquaint yourself with the drug labeling in the country you plan to visit. The photographs included in this post can be used for this purpose.

Availability of Nembutal (Pentobarbital) & the Law

If a reader elects to purchase Nembutal overseas they should be aware that importation of the drug back to their country of origin is likely to be against the law. If you take this course of action you will, almost certainly, be breaking the law.

The legal penalties for the importation of Nembutal vary depending on the country. The penalty for the importation of a single bottle of Nembutal could be a fine, a conviction, or even a period of imprisonment. If larger quantities are imported, the person could find themselves facing a trial with a jury.

What happens to those charged with importing Nembutal?

Not everyone can import Nembutal which is why it is always good to buy through us or vendors recommended by us.

To date, Nembutal Suicide Directory knows of relatively few people to be charged with importation offenses. There have been three Australians and one British citizen. The first person, Ann, a middle-aged Melbourne woman with breast cancer, was charged in early 2009 with importing two bottles of Nembutal. Her consignment was intercepted by Australian Customs and referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Availability of Nembutal in the UK

In April 2016 a UK person was charged in relation to possessing or importing Nembutal. But to be clear to determine the legalities of the importation and/ or possession of Nembutal in your country, you are best to consult a local solicitor or attorney.

If you are looking to order Nembutal online, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Availability of Nembutal online

Here we are looking at how to buy Nembutal online. The drug Nembutal has been in short supply since 1996 when the pill form was discontinued. Those who have it sell at very high prices making it very difficult to afford.

Nembutal Suicide Directory though a VEAS advocate has been providing information on how to buy Nembutal online through their Peaceful Pill forum.

You can buy Nembutal online by contacting the Nembutal Suicide Directory. They have a list of all the genuine Nembutal vendors in the USA, Mexico, China, and Thailand. Become a member today or simply send an email.

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