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The Price of Nembutal in Leuven varies from place to place like with any other street drug. On record, the cost of Nembutal Sodium solution (50 mg/mL) is around $1,326 for a 20-milliliters bottle, depending on the pharmacy you visit.

In Belgium, people are said to buy Veterinary Nembutal for as low as $50 for a 50mg/mL 100 milliliters bottle. Other websites online sell for $700 for the 100ml bottle. You get the lethal dose which is 2 x 100ml for $1,200 to $1,400.

There are stories of people who paid up to $3,500 for the lethal dose in Belgium

Is it safe to buy Nembutal online in Belgium?

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Where can I buy Nembutal?

The Nembutal brand name is sold under the trade names drowsy, Dromil, K-Aminodisalicylate, Drosylate, and Drogasil, and it is available in both oral and topical forms. You can buy it over the counter from most pharmacies or through your physician’s office like PENTOBARBITAL BLOG

Nembutal Oral Liquid, sold in liquid form, contains sodium pentobarbital. When dissolved in water it acts as a sedative or sleep-inducing agent. Nembutal is also used to treat seizures in certain patients. Nembutal is commonly prescribed for insomnia in the elderly, in combination with other drugs, or when patients are expected to remain constantly sedated. Nembutal can cause drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, short-term memory loss, slurred speech, and daytime sleepiness.