reddit suicide watch

Reddit suicide watch

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Behind the Scenes of Reddit’s Suicide Watch

There are hotlines and emergency therapists available for someone who is struggling with Reddit suicide watch thoughts. But picking up a phone and talking to someone is an action many people — especially younger people — are becoming less familiar with in our everyday lives. Would someone in such a heightened emotional state really think to do so?

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In researching this site it was clear that Reddit suicide watch by drug poisoning had been the subject of more articles, chat rooms, and forums than any other method. Everyone (who is suicidal!) is looking for a painless method to leave this world. Regrettably, drug poisoning is one of the least effective methods of suicide, and if it goes wrong, can be very far from painless….So when you are finished reading this page, please think about reading Help Me.

I’m going to commit suicide, no one will see it coming

I had a bit of a public breakdown about two years ago which showed everybody that I was just a suicidal freak. Luckily, I have great friends and they all stuck by my side but I’ve been lying to them ever since that day, I’ve been telling all of them about my recovery and how I’m doing so good nowadays—they have no idea that I’m ending my life soon.

I’ve been suffering silently for so long, I love everybody who’s come into my life, but I just can’t handle this pain any longer. Too much anxiety to live, too depressed to continue pursuing hopeless endeavors.

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